Water Damage Restoration

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Measuring these factors correctly will insure that equipment is used only as long as needed and the building is completely dry upon completion. It is crucial to keep dehumidification at a higher rate then evaporation to prevent secondary damage caused by condensation of saturated air on building materials.

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Drying effectiveness is determined by four factors:

  • Temperature
  • Air movement
  • Humidity
  • Time

Equipment:We use all the latest technologies Large Dehumidifiers, Large Air Scrubbers, Large Negative Air Machine, Ozone Machines, Truck-Mounted Water Extractors and numerous other pieces of equipment to properly dry out buildings, remove mold spores, and treat smoke and fire damage.  We use the best inspection tools to chart drying conditions to properly insure the building is completely dry.

Credentials: We are Certified Mold Inspectors and remediation experts that pass all the requirements above and beyond for the Florida Mold Bill Effective July 2010. We are members of IICRC, IAQ, local chamber of commerce, and we have current workers compensation insurance and general liability insurance. Please research any company that you would do business with to ensure that they abide to the same standards.

Orlando Water Damage

Our Guaranteesecures that in the event we fail to completely remove the contaminates from your environment, we will return at NO COST to protect the integrity of you environment and insure good health to all occupants.

Orlando Water Damage Orlando Water Damage

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