Mold Remediation

At Protective Solutions, we understand how special your home is and how important your family’s health and well-being is to you. Mold is a serious threat to you and your loved ones and we’re serious about helping you take back your home and make it a safe place once again. Protective Solutions is Orlando FL’s choice for Mold Remediation Services, and we guarantee best-in-class service:

Mold Remediation
  • Safe & Reliable Mold Applications
  • We Carefully Identify Mold Sources
  • We Use Proper Containment Barriers
  • We Guarantee Prompt Project Completion
  • Guaranteed Mold Removal Warranty
  • Our Team is Composed Of Certified Mold Technicians
  • Licensed By The State Of Florida

Not All Mold Remediation Services are the same, and we encourage you to ask your prospective service provider if they can offer the following to ensure complete elimination and total restoration (we do!) :

  • Proper Containment Barriers To Ensure No Cross Contamination
  • Complete Restoration & Reconstruction Services
  • 3 rd Party Final Mold Spore Testing To Confirm Complete Re mediation

We Treat Each Home Like Our Own! Call Now Or Submit a Contact Form! Guaranteed Response Time of One Hour or Less!

There Are Five Major Focuses In Mold Remediation & Remediation & Removal

  1. Project Development: It is critical to calculate the extent of the damage caused by mold. Putting together a sensible project plan for clean up and mold remediation in the first phase can greatly decrease microbial growth and spreading problems during the entire process.
  2. Preparation: Removal of all objects including furniture from the infected area before setting up containment. If items are moved from one room to another they must be HEPA vacuumed, and cleansed with anti-microbial solution. Extreme situations may require that all items/furniture in the infected area be cleaned under negative air pressure before anything can be moved.
  3. Containment: Sealing off the work area by covering floor and door openings with polyethylene sheeting prevents contaminants (toxic mold) from spreading to the rest of the building.
  4. Structural Removal & Cleanup: Removing and sanding growth areas on building materials such as drywall, plywood, insulation, framing etc.. Removal of damaged materials is executed under negative air pressure through HEPA filtration. Bagging and disposal of waste. During this process Protective Solutions crew will use disposable coveralls and respirators with HEPA filters for protection against toxic mold.
  5. Anti-Microbial Application: Applying mold anti-microbial solutions to exposed surfaces prevents the re-growth of toxic mold. Then Sealing all open building materials with a mold Sealer, to stop any re-growth from occurring. A remediation verification can be requested at this point to approve the accomplishment of the project.


certificationProtective Solutions has a full staffed team of Certified Mold Inspectors and Mold Remediators that pass all the requirements above and beyond for the Florida Mold Bill Effective July 2010. We are members of IICRC, IAQ, local chamber of commerce, and we have current workers compensation insurance and general liability insurance. Please research any company that you would do business with to ensure that they abide to the same standards.

Our GUARANTEE secures that in the event we fail to completely remove the contaminates from your environment, we will return at NO COST to protect the integrity of you environment and insure good health to all occupants.