REO & Foreclosed Properties Mold Problems

Many of Orlando and Central Florida’s foreclosed property buyers are investors who buy them on the cheap, they sink a small amount of money in for basic repairs to improve the aesthetics, and use lots of bleach to get rid of the mold. The real concern of course, is the sick child tenant or home owner family member who becomes the victim of the unprofessional mold treatment practiced by the investor.

Mold Services For REO properties

If you are an REO broker or real estate agent listing a foreclosed home in Central Florida, our mold remediation services will eliminate mold as a environmental concern, increase the market price of the property, and allow the house to remain on the market in a mold free condition for a long period of time.

If you are an REO home buyer, real estate investor or future homeowner – Pre-Occupancy Mold Testing Services For buyers interested in purchasing and residing in an REO property, Protective Solutions offers pre-occupancy mold testing services to provide a high level of confidence that the property does not have a mold infestation problem. Our mold remediation, mold inspections and mold testing services can identify and correct the extent of the mold problem to protect the health of your family members or tenants.

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