Orlando Mold Sampling Detection

Have you ever wondered how much mold is growing in your Orlando home? Concerned that mold may be the cause of your allergy or health problems? Mold is extremely dangerous to your health. It grows in a variety of places, in a number of different ways. Mold Detection & Mold Sampling involves much more than simply looking for it and wiping it away; proper mold detection and mold sampling requires professional analysis and techniques. Our team at Protective Solutions in Orlando, Florida’s are Central Florida’s Mold Experts. We find mold, test and sample it,¬†understand¬†the type and cause of the mold, and remove it from your home’s surfaces and from the air, helping to keep your home safer and cleaner.

Orlando Mold Detection “in the old days” involved simple visual inspection. While this is still part of any good mold expert’s best practices, mold testing has matured into a highly complex science involving lab testing, instrumentation, and high-level analysis. Experts use mold detection sensors, which check for unusually high moisture levels in the walls, ceiling, and floors. Once the mold is discovered, mold sampling tools are used in order to take pieces of the mold for lab analysis. Mold sampling and Mold Detection needs to be done to determine type of mold, as well as the extent of the mold’s permeation of your household environment.

Once the mold testing has been performed, mold remediation can begin. Powerful, yet safe chemical agents and drying mechanisms can be used to make sure that mold is not only killed, but is not given the opportunity to grow again. This is where mold sampling can be particularly useful, since determining the type, cause, and extent of a certain kind of mold is crucial to eliminating it.

Mold detection is crucial for protecting you home’s air from mold spores. Even relatively mold-free structures may have dangerous levels of airborne mold due to high levels of humidity or other environmental factors. Proper mold sampling includes an air analysis taken from each room of the household.

Remember: mold detection is no simple task, but rather one left up to the experts! Call your local Orlando-area mold detection, sampling, and testing company today for expert analysis.