Orlando Black Mold Removal Testing Treatments

Orlando Black Mold – Is it making you sick?

Stachybotrys chartarum, more commonly known as black mold, grows naturally in Orlando, Florida’s indoor environments. The surface does not even have to be wet; high humidity will do. That’s a problem in a city like Orlando, Florida where the morning’s relative humidity frequently tops 90% and won’t drop below 60% on a typical summer afternoon. A mold-riddled environment like that in Central Florida and Orlando can put people and pets at risk. Common symptoms of toxic mold syndrome are runny nose, sinus headache, cough, and eye irritation. Many symptoms are similar to those for allergies, such as rashes and hives. Some individuals experience lethargy, nausea, dizziness, and poor concentration.

Professional testing and treatment is needed when a room smells moldy but you cannot see the source. Mold can sometimes be hidden in air-conditioning ducts. One Orlando, Florida, family became aware of their mold only after their cat died of mold-caused breathing problems. Mold also hides under carpets, and even on the back side of wallpaper. When mold infests fabric and walls, often the only treatment is complete removal.

Black mold does not have to become a threat in Orlando, but in our subtropical climate, it’s an issue that requires vigilance.