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Orlando Mold Can Affect Your Health

Orlando Mold Can Affect Your Health in the following ways: skin irritation, eye irritation, nasal problems, cough, headaches, and runny nose. People who are  immune suppressed will feel these effects greater and also be at risk for infections. Certain types of mold species or more dangerous than others. If you feel like your house is making you or your family sick, you should contact the family physician and then call a certified mold company.

How To Dry Out A Flooded House In Orlando, Florida


Once a flood has subsided, the house must be dried out as quickly as possible. Mold will start to grow within 48 to 72 hours.  Carpets, pads and furniture that were submerged should be removed, and drywall that was soaked should be cut out and discarded. There are three methods for drying out a wet house. The most basic, is to get air circulating through it by using fans. Another method that is faster and more effective, is to use dehumidifiers. Dehumidifiers are used to remove deep imbedded moisture. If you have a wood floor, or if the framing in the walls has been saturated, a dehumidifier will pull the moisture out of the wood. Another way to dry out a house is to use the heating system along with the central air-conditioning system or window units. Warm air will hold more moisture than cooler air. So a homeowner can close all doors and windows and run the air-conditioning. Once the house has cooled and the air is dry, the air-conditioning should be turned off and the heat turned on.

The Dangers Of Mold In Orlando Homes


MOLD in Orlando Homes can cause health problems.

Health Issues range from itching eyes, sneezing and coughing to serious allergic reactions, asthma attacks and even permanent lung damage. And what many people do not know is that mold could be growing in their homes right now. I’ve gone into houses that are so neat and clean there’s not even a teacup out of place. Then I go into the basement and find mold growing on the legs of the furniture. Mold in a house is most often found on walls, floors, ceilings, carpets and fabrics exposed to moisture, one particularly troublesome hiding place is inside the ductwork and associated components of central forced-air heating and air-conditioning systems. You want to make sure the whole system is cleaned thoroughly.

Calling a Certified Mold Remediation Company Is The Only Step To Take To Ensure Proper Measures are Taken.

Mold Inspectors In Orlando And What You Should Know Before Hiring


Mold Inspectors In Orlando and What You Should Know Before Hiring

Find out if the inspection can be done within a 24-hour time frame. If not, you’re better off hiring someone else since mold can spread very quickly. Also, make sure that the mold inspector you’re intending to hire is both licensed and certified. While some states already have those requirements before they can practice, there are many states that still do not. In addition to being certified and licensed, you should ask the company inspecting your home for references from other clients. You should also make sure that there is a contract provided to insure that both you and the inspection company are in agreement with the work that is to be done. The contract should include an agreement, which requires the company to take a swab or lift tape sample of any mold found in the home and an air sampling for potential airborne mold. The contract should also include an agreement to provide a lab analysis report of any mold found in the home, answers to any questions you may have whether it be on the report or from the company and an agreement of a thorough inspection for mold in the home. In addition, you home inspection may also consist of a moisture and leak test, an air quality test, humidity test and drainage test which can take anywhere from a few hours to a half a day to complete, while the cost of the inspection may run anywhere from $300 to $900 depending on the size of your home or business. And finally, if the business you’ve chosen to inspect your home offers black mold removal services as well, you should be aware that mold inspectors and mold remediation are two separate businesses and any good inspector can tell you that.

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Has Mold Invaded Your Home In Orlando


Has Mold Invaded Your Home?

Although mold originates from microscopic spores, mold itself is usually easy to detect. While testing is sometimes used to determine the presence of mold, generally a quick investigation with your eyes and nose can tell you if mold is present. Some signs of mold include:

  • Visible mold growth. Mold can appear in a variety of textures and colors; it often appears as a discoloration, stain, or fuzzy growth.
  • Musty or earthy odors.
  • Water damage and discoloration around the area of the damage.

1. Fixing the Moisture Problem: Mold cannot grow without moisture.

2. Drying of Wet Materials: Especially when overflow or flooding has occurred, drying of wet materials should begin immediately to stop mold growth. Fans and dehumidifiers can help in this process. You may need to discard the items if you cannot dry them well within 48 hours.

3. Treatment or Disposal of Contaminated Materials: Before beginning mold treatment and clean up, you should consider using protective equipment.

4. Cleaning of Surfaces: Non-porous materials such as hard plastic, concrete, glass, metal, and solid wood can usually be cleaned of mold.

5. Disinfecting Surfaces: After cleaning hard surfaces, you may choose to disinfect them. Mixing 1/4 to 1/2 cup of bleach per gallon of water provides an effective disinfectant solution.

6. Closing the Door on Mold: Mold will take any opportunity to grow in your home. Stay alert for moisture problems, musty odors, and other signs that mold may be forming.

Mold Cleanup Information On Health Department Website


Mold is a fungi that travels through the air as tiny spores, and can grow and spread quickly under wet conditions. Mold can irritates the eyes, nose and throat and can cause serious reactions and respiratory problems. The Health Department offers detailed information about mold cleanup on its website at www.healthvermont.gov. Including detailed instructions for cleaning homes, yards and properties, disinfecting and testing drinking water, and food safety.

Symptoms Of Household Mold Exposure


Exposure to mold in Orlando and central Florida area has several symptoms. Mold can and does cause serious health problems in many people.

Here are the More Common Symptoms:

  1. Skin Rash – You can develop redness in your skin simply from inhaling the fumes from the mold.
  2. Eye Irritation – Mold can cause both redness and watering of the eyes.
  3. Headaches – Breathing in mold can cause headaches in some people. This is especially true of people who suffer with migraines.
  4. Feeling Tired – Feeling tired for several days in a row
  5. Sore Throat – Experiencing a raw feeling when swallowing or hoarseness when speaking
  6. Shortness of Breath -Breathing in mold spores can cause respiratory difficulties in some people
  7. Runny Noses – If you are constantly reaching for a tissue to catch your runny nose this can also be a strong symptom of mold exposure.

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